2019 Determination

In 2019, we will make a new determination on the maximum level of airport charges (the price cap) at Dublin Airport, for a period of 4 plus years, commencing on the 1 January 2020. It will replace the 2014 Determination which set maximum charges between 2015 and 2019.

The 2019 Determination will be made against a backdrop of four years of extraordinary growth in aviation in Ireland. Dublin Airport is a major international airport, the eleventh busiest in the EU, as of January 2018, with almost 200 destinations served by over 50 airlines.



We expect to publish a Final Determination in Autumn 2019, most likely around the end of September. Our Final Determination will be informed by the submissions we receive from the public consultation on our Draft Determination. 

How to respond to the Draft Determination

We seek the views of interested parties regarding the proposals in the 2019 Draft Determination.

The deadline for responses to the public consultation is 5:00 PM, 8 July 2019. 

Responses should be titled “Response to the 2019 Draft Determination CP3/2019” and sent:

- By email to: Info@aviationreg.ie (preferable); or

- By post to: 3rd Floor, Alexandra House, Earlsfort Terrace, Dublin 2, D02 W773

We may correspond with interested parties who make submissions, seeking clarification or explanation of their submissions.

Respondents should be aware that we are subject to the provisions of the Freedom Information legislation.

Ordinarily we place all submissions received on our website.

If a submission contains confidential material, it should be clearly marked as confidential and a redacted version suitable for publication should also be provided.

Please see Section 14 of the 2019 Draft Determination for more details.


This page will contain all documentation in relation to the 2019 Determination on the maximum level of Airport Charges at Dublin Airport.

September 2019 Final Determination- Maximum Level of Airport Charges at Dublin Airport
June 2019

CP4/2019 Consultation on StageGate Process

May 2019

CP3/2019 Draft Determination- Maximum Level of Airport Charges at Dublin Airport 2020-2024


February 2019 Final Investment Plan from 2020 at Dublin Airport
November 2018  Draft Investment Plan from 2020 at Dublin Airport
August 2018 Government Policy Notification
April 2018

CP7/2018 Issues Paper - Maximum Level of Airport Charges at Dublin Airport

Responses to Issues Paper:

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