Thessaloniki Forum on Airport Charges: Recommendations – Consultation, Transparency and WACC

(23 Dec 2016)

The Thessaloniki Forum of European Airport Charges Regulators has published two guidance papers to assist in the implementation of the Airport Charges Directive (2009/12/EC). The first paper contains recommendations on how the requirements of the Airport Charges Directive on Consultation and Transparency can be fulfilled. The second paper offers recommendations as to how the Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) should be set.

Decision on a Process for Consideration of Supplementary Capex Allowances

(09 Dec 2016)

The Commission has published its decision on a process for considering a supplementary capital expenditure (capex) allowance for Dublin Airport within a determination period.

Dublin Airport 2017 Provisional Price Cap

(16 Nov 2016)

The Commission advises that the 2017 provisional price cap for airport charges at Dublin Airport is €9.86 per passenger. The Commission also confirms that Dublin Airport complied with the 2015 final price cap of €10.26 per passenger.


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