Regulatory Reporting

Dublin Airport Capital Projects Delivery

Below we publish quarterly updates on the timelines for delivery of Capital Projects at Dublin Airport.

                                      Dublin Airport Capital Projects Delivery                                                                
2019 Q1
2018 Q2,Q3,Q4


Dublin Airport Regulatory Accounts

The DAA provides every year regulated entity accounts for Dublin Airport. Starting from 2011, regulated entity accounts also include compliance reports.

Dublin Airport Regulatory Accounts                    2017,2016*, 20152014201320122011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007                                                               

* The 2016 regulatory accounts were amended by Dublin Airport in April 2018.


Price Statements and Compliance for Dublin Airport

Here we give notice of the provisional price cap for the following year, and assess if Dublin Airport complied with the price cap of the previous year:

Year Statements for the 2014 Determination 

CN3/2017 Provisional 2018 Price Cap and Compliance with 2016  Price Cap

Calculation of Provisional 2018 Price Cap (Excel Workbook) 


CN3/2016 Provisional 2017 Price Cap and Compliance with 2015 Price Cap

Calculation of Provisional 2017 Price Cap (Excel Workbook) 


CN4/2015 Provisional 2016 Price Cap and Compliance with 2014 Price Cap


Prior to 2011, the Commission provided a seperate compliance report every year except in years where there was a full Determination.

   Compliance Reports
2009 Determination CP4/2011, CP1/2011
2005 Determination  CP7/2008CP10/2007CP11/2006
 2001 Determination CP10/2004CP2/2003CP6/2002


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