The CAR completes the Autumn licensing renewals of travel agents and tour operators

(04 Nov 2013)

The Commission for Aviation Regulation (CAR) today, 4th November 2013, has announced the completion of the Autumn 2013 licensing round for tour operators and travel agents.  The CAR received 111 valid travel agent applications and 50 valid tour operator applications. Overall 110 travel agent and 49 tour operator renewal licences have now been issued.  Six new travel agent licences were also issued making an overall total of 116 travel agents and 49 tour operators licensed this round.

The following travel agent has not had their licence renewed:

Manasik Tours Ltd TA 0688

The following tour operator has not had their licence renewed:

Boyce Coach Travel Limited TO 222

The CAR is continuing to engage with these firms and licences may be issued in due course; if so, a notice will be placed on the CAR’s website.

The two entities referred to above must refrain from taking any new bookings from 1st November 2013. Customers are advised that any new bookings made with the entities listed above will not be covered by the bonding scheme and passengers thus would have no right to repatriation from abroad or obtaining a refund on their unused travel arrangements.

CAR advised the travel trade in a notice of June 2013 of the timetable for the renewal of a licence. The licensing round opened in July with applicants expected to submit complete applications by mid-August 2013. The Commission undertook that it would aim to send decision letters by mid-September to applicants that had met the August application deadline. Finally, applicants who presented bonds to CAR by mid-October were assured to receive their licences by 31 October.

Alan Richardson, Manager Travel Trade Licensing stated “We are pleased that 49 out of 50 renewing  tour operators  and 110 out of 111 of renewing travel agents met the licensing deadline. The total numbers including new applicants are 116 travel agents and 49 tour operators. This leaves 1 (one) travel agent and 1 (one) tour operator not licensed as they have not provided a bond to the CAR. Customers are advised not to make any new bookings with the unlicensed entities as no bond cover is in place to effect repatriations or refund customers.”

All tour operators and travel agents offering for sale travel out of Ireland (whether based in Ireland or offering services from a remote internet site) are required by law to be licensed  and bonded  to buy or sell overseas travel originating in the State to destinations outside of Ireland . This is to ensure passenger repatriation in the event that a licence holder ceases trading when customers are abroad or to provide refunds where travel contracts are not fulfilled before the due date of travel. Any bookings made with an unlicensed entity are not protected by the bonding schemes operated by CAR.

For a complete list of licensed tour operators and travel agents, please see the CAR website at


For further information, please contact:

Orla Benson/ Morwenna Rice


01 260500 /087 8033262 (OB)/ 086 1940069 (MR)

Notes to Editors:

1.       Original timelines for completion of licences was as follows:



13 August 2013

Deadline for receipt of completed licence application

10 September 2013

Date Commission to issue decision letters

for on-timeapplications

15 October 2013

Deadline for receipt by Commission of applicant’s bond

1 November 2013

New travel trade licence required


2.       A licensing round was also undertaken in May 2013 for travel agents only.

3.       All applications (renewals or new applications) are obliged to use the electronic licensing system introduced in September 2009.

4.       Advisory note to passengers regarding travel agents and tour operators not in possession of a travel trade licence: CAR advises customers that tour operators and travel agents not in possession of an up to date valid licence from CAR should not transact any new bookings with such entities. They may however, pay outstanding balances of travel contracts entered into before 31 October 2013. Unlicensed tour operators and travel agents are not permitted to make any new travel arrangements for customers without a licence and bond having been put in place.

5.       Role of CAR: CAR was established by the Aviation Regulation Act 2001 to provide economic regulation relating to passenger service charges at Dublin Airport and the aviation terminal service charges imposed by the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA). It is also responsible for the licensing of commercial aircraft for entities registered in Ireland and the approval of ground handlers at Dublin Airport. It also has responsibility for slot allocations for aircraft using Dublin Airport and for enforcing consumers’ rights in air passenger rights and for persons with reduced mobility. 

Revised listings of current and expired travel agents and tour operators can be seen here.
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