Publication of Thessaloniki Forum Papers

(28 Feb 2022)

The Thessaloniki Forum of Airport Charges Regulators is a permanent Expert Group of the European Commission established in 2014. The Forum is composed of representatives of the national independent supervisory authorities (ISAs) for the purposes of the Airport Charges Directive. The Commission is the ISA for Ireland.

In January 2022, the Forum adopted two papers:

  • Airport Charges in Times of Crisis. This paper examines the evolution of airport charges during the COVID-19 pandemic, and provides recommendations on how ISAs can respond to such situations in the short term. It also discusses the difficulties associated with forecasting passenger numbers during a crisis, and some recommendations on how to approach this. Finally, the paper details a number of suggestions for the legislation for airport charges in times of crisis.
  • Concession Agreements and ISAs Supervisory Powers. This paper aims to assess how ISAs powers and duties may be exercised when airports are operated under concession contracts and similar frameworks. The paper details how consultations are carried out in the case of such agreements, and the impact these agreements have on investments and quality of service at the airport. Finally, the paper discusses the consistency between concession agreements and the power of ISAs in relation to the setting of airport charges.

The papers are on this page.

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