ITAA is not seeking Collective Bond

(19 Dec 2011)

The Commission has been informed by Mr Pat Dawson, CEO of the Irish Travel Agents Association (ITAA) that the ITAA do not intend to seek a Collective Bond arrangement with insurers in respect of the 1st May 2012 licensing round.

Applicants who are seeking to renew their Travel Agent's licences are urged to evaluate the  alternative bonding arrangements which are as follows:

  • a cash sum deposited with the Commission;
  •  a guarantee secured with a bank;
  • a guarantee secured with an insurance company.


For details on the Spring Licensing Round, see the Commission's Notice, CN3 of 19th December, in the News Items Section below.

Applicants who have any queries in relation the Spring Licensing Round should contact Travel Trade Division, Commission for Aviation Regulation.





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