IAA Price Cap

(10 Jan 2013)


We have published our decision on a review of the matter referred back to us by the 2012 Aviation Appeals Panel ('the Panel'). We have decided to affirm our Determination on the price cap governing aviation terminal service charges at Cork, Dublin and Shannon airports. The Determination covers the period 1 January 2012 until 31 December 2015. The Commission’s decision is available here.

Background to the 2012 Aviation Appeal Panel

We published the 2011 Determination on 24 October 2011. Following the Determination, the IAA requested that the Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport establish an appeal panel. The Minister acceded to the request and on 27 August 2012 an appeal panel was established to hear the appeal.
In November 2012, the Panel issued its decision. It referred the 2011 Determination back to us for review in respect of a single ground, pension costs. The Panel was not satisfied that we had due regard to pension costs in our Determination.

Summary of the Commission's decision
We have decided to affirm our October 2011 Determination. The price cap in 2013 is €153.72 per terminal service unit, assuming the IAA meets service quality targets.

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