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The Commission for Aviation Regulation is responsible for the licensing of tour operators and travel agents under the Transport (Tour Operators and Travel Agents) Act, 1982, the Package Holidays and Travel Trade Act, 1995 and the State Airports (Shannon Group) Act, 2014.  In general terms, the two requirements that must be satisfied in order to obtain a licence relate to the financial standing of the applicant, as well as fitness and suitability to carry out either of the relevant activities. The applicant must put in place the relevant insolvency protection. In the event of this insolvency protection not being sufficient, recourse to the Travellers’ Protection Fund is available.

Only sales that meet the definition of “overseas travel contract” under the 1982 Act can be licensed. 

Tá an fhoirm iarratais, na treoirlínte, agus an fhoirm dhearbhaithe ar fáil as Béarla nó as Ghaeilge. 

  1. Sample Bank Bond
  2. Sample Insurance Bond 


An application for a travel agent or tour operator licence must be accompanied by the relevant fee.  The fee structure for travel agent licence applications is as follows:

Fees for travel agent licence applications
New applicants €600
Renewal of travel agent's licence €300

The fee for tour operator license applications is set according to the "licensable turnover" of the applicant company.  The fee structure is as follows:

Licensable turnover
€635,000 or less €300
€635,001 but not exceeding €1,270,000 €600
€1,270,001 but not exceeding €3,810,000 €1,550
€3,810,001 but not exceeding €6,350,000 €2,150
€6,350,001 but not exceeding €12,700,000 €3,100
€12,700,001 but not exceeding €25,400,000 €7,800
For every €1,270,000 or part thereof in excess of €25,400,000 an additional fee of €300
Additional fee for new applicant €300

*Note: Fees payable are non-refundable.

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