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IAA Quality of Service Reports

The Final Determination on Maximum Levels of Aviation Terminal Service Charges for 2012-2015 created a direct link between the price cap on aviation terminal service charges and the quality of service delivered by the IAA by the inclusion of a quality of service term in the price cap. If the IAA fails to meet the targets set out in the Determination, the price cap will be reduced by a specified amount. For further information on the quality of service targets and penalties see Chapter 3 of CP2/2011.

The reports in the table below present the results from the IAA quality of service monitoring scheme at Dublin, Cork and Shannon airport.


Year Quality of Service Reports
2014 Q1, Q2, Q3
2013 Q1,  Q2,  Q3,  Q4
2012 Q1,  Q2Q3,  Q4


IAA Compliance Reports and Regulated Entity Accounts

Each year the Commission checks that the IAA has complied with the prevailing price cap governing airport terminal service charges.

Since 2011, the IAA is required to deliver an audited compliance statement. Information on IAA’s costs for terminal services are contained in the data provided to Eurocontrol and can be also accessed through Eurocontrol.

2013 2013 compliance letter data
2012 2012 compliance letter data
2011 2011 compliance letter data

In 2009 and 2010 we published regulated entity accounts of the IAA. In 2011 we ended the requirement for the IAA to produce such accounts given the reporting requirements of Eurocontrol.

Prior to 2011, the Commission published a seperate compliance report every year except in years where there was a full Determination.

IAA Annual Compliance  Reports                                   CP3/2011, CP2/2010, CP5/2009, CP11/2007, CP1/2006, CP1/2005, CP1/2004, CP1/2003                                             


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