The Levy

Section 23 of the Aviation Regulation Act 2001 empowers the Commission for Aviation Regulation (the Commission) to make regulations providing for the imposition, on relevant undertakings, of a levy to meet those costs and expenses properly incurred in the discharge of its functions. 

Section 23 states that a levy should meet, but not exceed, the Commission's estimated operating costs and expenses. Given that the Commission's estimated costs and expenses change annually, new regulations to provide for resultant changes to the levy must also be made on an annual basis. 

To view all those regulations made by the Commission since its establishment in 2001, please click here. 

Cost-recovery methodology

In April 2002 the Commission initiated a consultation to determine the best way to apportion its costs and expenses so that undertakings were charged in the fairest manner possible (CP4/2002). The cost-recovery methodology set out in the Commission's August publication, (CP5/2002), was the culmination of this consultation process. This methodology remained in use until October 2007, when the Commission commenced a further consultation (CP7/2007). 

This second consultation examined the short-comings in the 2002 process. The current cost-recovery methodology was established in December 2007, after due consideration was given to all those submissions received on foot of the second consultation (CP9/2007). 

All those Commission publications relating to the establishment, and subsequent revision, of the cost-recovery process can be found in the table below.

Dec 2007CP9/2007 - Commission revises levy for 2008 and onwards
Oct 2007

CP7/2007 - Commission consultation on the levy for 2008 and onwards


Air Lingus, Air Dispatches, Air Ops, DAA - Shannon, Kerry Airport, Ireland West Knock Airport, Ryanair.

Aug 2002CP5/2002 - Levy decision for the period February 2001 - December 2002
April 2002

CP4/2002 - Consultation on the implementation of the levy


Aer Lingus, Air 2000, DAA, ACL, BMI, Britannia, DHL, IATA, IAA, IEA, Lufthansa, Monarch, Ryanair.

Comments on responses received during the consultation

Aer Rianta, Aer Lingus, Ryanair

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