Commission draws on Manorcastle Ltd Bond to refund customers

(31 Mar 2009)

The Commission has drawn down the Tour Operator Bond held in respect of Manorcastle Travel Ltd.  This bond will now be used to refund customers who had booked travel with Manorcastle Ltd prior to its failed attempts to renew its Tour Operator License up to the end of November 2008, and who have yet to receive a refund from the company.


An application from Manorcastle Limited trading as United Travel to renew its annual Tour Operator’s licence was refused by the Commission for Aviation Regulation on 24 October 2008. This decision was based on a number of reasons including the inadequate financial situation of the company and the fact that no charter arrangements appeared to have been put in place for various advertised packages.  The Commission’s decision was subsequently the subject of a failed legal challenge in the High Court by the company - further details are provided in the following news article.

Following the Commission’s October 2008 decision, and the upholding of that decision by the High Court in November 2009, United Travel were called upon to immediately discuss the arrangements for an orderly wind-down of its business, including refunding customers.

Current situation

The Commission has determined that Manorcastle Ltd is unable to meet its outstanding obligations to refund all of its customers. The Commission has the following advice for customers of Manorcastle Ltd/United Travel:

  • Customers who have paid by credit card should approach their credit card issuer and seek a charge back of the amount paid
  • Customers who have previously sought refund from the Company and have not received any funds should download the claim form from here:  Manorcastle Ltd Claim Form The cancellation terms and conditions of the booking contract still stand in cases where customers cancelled their booking by their own decision
  • Customers who have received refunds from either their Credit Card Company or United Travel are not entitled to make any further application for a refund
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