2005 Determination

This page provides links to all documents relating to the second determination governing airport charges at Dublin airport.

February 2009 CP2/2009 Commission's decision on the 2008 Appeal Panel
January 2009 CP1/2009 Consultation on the Decisions of the 2008 Aviation Appeal Panel

Decisions of the 2008 Appeal Panel

Responses to CP1/2009

Aer Lingus, Cityjet, DAA, Ryanair

July 2007 CP6/2007 Final decision on interim review of 2005 determination
May 2007

CP5/2007 Draft decision on interim review of 2005 determination

CN5/2007 Commission Notice on proposed timetable to Conclude Interim Review

Annexes to CP5/2007

Annex 1: Extract from O'Sullivan Judgement
Annex 2: Ministerial direction 2005
Annex 3: Ministerial direction 2007
Annex 4: Commission's understanding of airline consultation meetings
Annex 5: Review of dedicated low-cost passenger facilities
Annex 6: Commission correspondence with Boyd-Creed-Sweet
Annex 7: Review of DAA cost benchmarks
Annex 8: Review of T2 non-construction costs
Annex 9: Review of DAA Capital Investment Programme (CIP 2006)
Annex 10: Review of T2 sizing
Annex 11: Cost allocation and CIP 2006 project codes

Responses to CP5/2007

Aer Lingus, BMI, Chambers Ireland, DAA, IATA, IBEC, ITIC, Portmarnock Community Association, Ryanair (part 1, part 2)
April 2007 CN3/2007 Notice on publication of Draft Determination on Interim Review
February 2007 CP1/2007 Consultation on Dublin Airport Charges following the Capital Investment Programme 2006

Supporting documents

Cost benefit analysis (CBA) of Terminal 2 and Runway 2 at Dublin Airport (CEPA)
Excel CBA model (CEPA)
Developing Capex Incentives for DAA: Triggers (CEPA)
Review of DAA's CIP 2006 (IMR)
Presentation by Cathal Guiomard: Dublin Airport Charges Interim Price Review: Progress Report
Presentation by CEPA: Cost Benefit Analysis
Presentation by IMR: High Level Analysis of DAA's Investment Plans
Congestion Charging (CEPA)
Airline Involvement (CEPA)

Responses to CP1/2007

Aer Lingus, BMI, DAA, Fingal County Council, ITIC, IATA, Portmarnock Community Association, Ryanair, Forfas, IDA
December 2006 CP9/2006 Decision to hold an interim review of Dublin Airport charges determination dated 29 September 2005
September 2006 Boyd-Creed-Sweet: Independent Verifiers Report of Proposed Terminal Two and Associated Works at Dublin Airport
September 2006

CP6/2006 Consultation on the carrying out of an interim review of the September 2005 determination


Aer Lingus, BMI, CityJet, DAA, IDA, ITIC, Ryanair
August 2006

DAA: Dublin Airport Passenger & Aircraft Movement Demand Forecast Report

DAA: Relationship between traffic forecasts and planning parameters

June 2006 CP5/2006 Maximum Levels of Airport Charges at Dublin Airport: Decision of the Commission further to a referral by the 2006 Aviation Appeal Panel
April 2006

CP3/2006 Consultation on the decision of the 2006 Aviation Appeal Panel

DAA Submission to the Aviation Appeal Panel (December 2005)

Decision of the 2006 Aviation Appeal Panel

September 2005

CP3/2005 Determination on maximum level of airport charges

CN6/2005 Commission Notice announcing Determination

Annexes (several of the CP2/2005 Annexes are repeated here)

Annex 1: Process for receipt of representations
Annex 2: Policy recommendation on sub-cap on Off-peak landing and take off charges
Annex 3: Assessment of 2003/04 handling capacity of Dublin Airport (Hynes)
Annex 4: Response to DAA comments on cost of capital paper
Annex 5: Cost of Capital (Kearney & Hutson)
Annex 6: Ministerial directive
Annex 8: Review of DAA CIP
Annex 9: Traffic Forecast (DAA)
Annex 10: IITL/TRL response to DAA comments on Draft determination
Annex 11: Comparative costs at Dublin Airport
Annex 12: Alan Stratford final report on Commercial Revenues - Executive Summary
Annex 14: Booz bottom-up efficiency study
Annex 15: Suggested template for rolling scheme efficiency incentives at Dublin Airport
May 2005

CP2/2005 Draft determination on maximum level of airport charges

CN4/2005 Notice on publication of draft determination 


Annex 1: Process for receipt of representations
Annex 2: Report on DAA traffic forecasts (Mott McDonald)
Annex 3: Assessment of 2003/04 handling capacity of Dublin Airport (Hynes) Technical Summary of the Methodology to be used for the Assessment of the Current Handling
Capacity of Dublin Airport (Hynes)
Annex 4: Efficiency study (Booz)
Annex 5: Cost of Capital (Kearney & Hutson)
Annex 6: Commercial Revenues (Alan Stratford)
Annex 7: DAA Capital Investment Programme (CIP, DAA)
Annex 8: Cost Capital (NERA, for DAA)
Annex 9: Traffic Forecast (DAA)
Annex 10: Indicative price cap tables
Annex 11: Comparative costs at Dublin Airport
Annex 12: Results from passenger surveys (DAA)

Responses to CP2/2005

Aer Lingus, CIF, DAADA-AOC, IAIEC, IBEC, ITIC, Ryanair, Uproar

Responses to submissions on CP2/2005

Aer Lingus, DAA, IALPA, Ryanair
March 2005 CN1/2005 Notice on timetable for determination
October 2004

CP7/2004 Consultation paper on the making of a new determination 

Responses to CP7/2004

Responses on submissions to CP7/2004

Aer Lingus, DAA, Ryanair
October 2004 CP6/2004 Process leading to a new determination on airport charges
September 2004 Notice of public consultation meeting on Airport Charges


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